We can assist our customers with every phase of their SCE implementation. From vendor selection to training and roll-out, Qualiance has the experience to carefully progress tasks and help our customers advance to the next milestone. Qualiance is vendor-independent, and we continuously review the technology landscape of solutions to better advise our clients.


Requirements Analysis

Qualiance supports their customers with analysing their current processes, defining to-be ones and establishing accurate and testable requirements. Such requirements can be used to evaluate vendors and, subsequently, to scope and implement the final solution. We conduct in-depth workshops to understand pain points, “must-have” and “desired” requirements to focus on.


Vendor & Application Selection

Finding the right fit in terms of technology, pricing and culture is what we aim for. We assist our customers with RFI/RFP processes and selecting vendors and applications fit for long-term partnerships and long-term benefit.


Technology Landscape Evaluations

Part of selecting the right vendor is also about gathering enough intelligence from peers, avoiding pit-falls and fast-track certain decisions. Qualiance has an important network of customers and business partners, which enables us to knock on the right doors to gather precious information and to get an overview of the market assets and weaknesses. We can develop and conduct surveys in the pre-competitive space to further assist our customers in their decision-making.


Business Implementation

Qualiance Consultants are not the typical business analysts and have all worked in the business domains we help to transform. We can quickly tap into our customers’ SME knowledge and leverage their input and our know-how into robust functional specifications. Qualiance can assist with end-to-end process design through prototyping and iterative review to ensure the final solution is fit for purpose and to deliver the expected benefits.


Validation & UAT

Qualiance regularly supports SCE Implementation projects right through to UAT. We have the experience to write testable requirements, and coupled with a risk-based approach, we can define the right level of testing and ensure efforts are used where it matters the most.


Study Migration Strategy & Execution

We can assist our customers in defining their migration strategy, establishing methods and developing scripts, as well as planning with study teams, executing and documenting the migration of their studies in their new SCE.



Qualiance has the experience to define and deliver focussed training from minor releases or modules to large-scale training programmes covering an entire business function. We can share the training preparation and delivery with our customers or work independently based on their training needs.


Roadmap Development

We believe in iterative improvement and shortening the “time to value”. We gladly assist our customers in defining ambitious roadmaps for their SCEs. We help our customers outline their priorities, assess dependencies and build the vision for the future development of their Data Science systems.


Maintenance & Life Cycle Management

SCEs are often the integration of multiple components that all need to evolve over time. We help our customers define their Maintenance procedures, as well as following a Life-Cycle Management process to ensure their upgrades and improvements are implemented in compliance and deliver continuous benefits.


Process Optimisation & Utilities Development

Qualiance can assist customers with review of their processes and identification of utilities to automate and optimise tasks and processes. We have the experience to understand end users’ needs and skills and develop well-documented and user-friendly utilities focussed on reducing manual actions.


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