We help our customers implement their Data Sharing strategy in various contexts (internal, voluntary, external, public). We are involved with Industry Working Groups and follow the fast-paced development of this field and the associated regulatory requirements.


Data Sharing Strategy

Data is the new oil, and companies are expected to both provide access to their data to externals and to maximise the usage of their data from internal stakeholders. We help companies define the various Data Sharing scenarios and specific needs in order to establish the anonymisation requirements, as well as adequate solutions to provide access to data to different data consumers.


Data Sharing Portal Selection

Once the Data Sharing strategy is defined, it is important to select the right interfaces for providing access to data. We support our customers in defining their requirements and subsequently selecting a Data Sharing Portal, based on their foreseen data sharing volumes and data sharing scenarios.


Data Sharing Processes Implementation

Qualiance supports customers in determining end-to-end processes from research request handling, data and document anonymisation to sharing of data through portals where researchers can conduct their analyses. We also assist with developing procedures and tools to reduce manual actions and gain efficiency and control over the many data transformations and transfers.


Data Anonymisation Tools Development

Depending on the volume of research requests, we can assist our customers in developing their own tools or recommend Industry solutions to support their Data Anonymisation efforts.



Qualiance Consultants can develop and deliver training in Data Anonymisation and in the usage of associated processes and tools.


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