We help our customers with statistical and programming services for the analysis of clinical trials and non-interventional studies. Our Consultants have more than 10 years of experience working in the clinical arena on single studies, submissions, publications and developing generic code.


Clinical Study Reporting

Qualiance Consultants have significant experience working as Statisticians or Statistical Programmers on Clinical Studies across various Therapeutic Areas and Indications. We support our customers with the planning, programming and QC of datasets, programs and statistical outputs.


Regulatory Submissions

We have experience in pooling large numbers of studies and reporting and validating statistical analyses for regulatory submissions. We always look for efficiency gain while maintaining the highest quality standards for these important deliverables.


Exploratory Analyses & Publications

We assist our customers with the inception, planning and research process associated with exploratory analyses and publications. We help our customers evaluate feasibility and relevance of possible analyses and always remain critical in the interpretation of the results. We have supported numerous publications and enjoy working closely with our customers on novel and innovative ideas.


Development of Standard Programs

We believe in re-use and standardisation. Our in-depth programming skills have enabled us over the years to develop robust and well-documented standard programs to help our customers gain efficiency and reduce the burden of validation.


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