There were many complexities in the SCE implementation planning for our organization. Qualiance coordinated the effort as they had knowledge of the different departments and asked the vendors the right questions. They were able to provide business-specific guidance to our experts and delivered a detailed implementation plan and strategy for our project over a short period.

Director of Statistical Programming

Top 5 Pharmaceutical, USA

Qualiance provided us with a skilled and experienced Statistical Programmer with a good understanding of the specific requirements for the pharmaceutical industry. I especially appreciate their flexible attitude towards workload, their engagement in the task trying to understand the purpose and scope, plus their commitment and willingness to support at all times.

Director of Statistical Programming

Mid-size Pharmaceutical, Scandinavia

We have had a collaboration with Qualiance since 2010 and they have performed various activities with excellent quality and in accordance with agreed timelines. Qualiance has helped us with SCE migration and upgrade of various sizes over the years and also developed utilities that eases the daily work in the LSAF system. We have benefited from the long-term relationship with Qualiance and they often act as a catalyst as they know where our challenges are.

VP of Global Biometrics

Mid-size Pharmaceutical, Scandinavia

The project milestones had been severely delayed and to secure progress we contracted Qualiance to mentor our offshore team. They reviewed and tested their programs and facilitated communication and issue solving between our headquarters teams as well as giving input to many valuable process improvements. It became evident for the project organisation that we could never have reached our deadlines without the support of Qualiance.

Director of Biostatistics

Top 20 Pharmaceutical, Europe

For the last several years, Qualiance has helped us with the analysis of two large databases collecting data from two complementary, large-scale, observational studies. They have always been able to maintain high-quality standards within the agreed timelines becoming instrumental to the finalisation of all deliverables.

Global Scientific Advisor

Top 20 Pharmaceutical, Switzerland

Qualiance’s knowledge and expertise has been invaluable to the project. Their crucial input and strong drive were key in the successful planning, preparation and execution of this complex SCE migration project. The project benefited greatly from Qualiance’s experience with similar projects, as well as from their in-depth knowledge of the LSAF system, and their experience using LSAF as an end users / statistical programmers. Their diligence, the high quality of their work, and their engagement with the team were instrumental in making our implementation journey as smooth and effective as possible.

Senior Program Leader

Leading Nutrition Company, Europe

Qualiance planned three workshops: current state, desired state, and implementation planning. Qualiance reviewed multiple documents to get a full understanding and have constructive workshops. They planned the workshops with meticulous timing, detailed meeting minutes were usually available within 24 hours of the meetings and they resolved conflicts among the different team members. 

Director of Statistical Programming

Top 5 Pharmaceutical, USA

In a very short time and with great curiosity, Qualiance dug into a new Therapeutic Area and delivered all analyses on time and to a very high quality. They quickly became very popular in the study team, mainly because they were always reliable in their deliveries.

Global Programming Leader

Top 10 Pharmaceutical, Europe

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