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PHUSE EU Connect 2019 in Amsterdam on 10-13 November


Jean-Marc Ferran will be presenting with Paul Vervuren (Danone Nutricia Research) on approaches and lessons learned from a recent LSAF implementation at Danone Nutricia Research on Tuesday 12. November, 13:30-14:00 in room E103:

DH04: Migrating to LSAF – The Danone Nutricia Research Journey 

Abstract: In 2017, Danone Nutricia Research (DNR) defined their Digital and Analytics strategy to modernise their clinical systems, data flow and improve access to data for internal and external partners. As part of this initiative, DNR selected Life Science Analytics Framework (LSAF) as their Statistical Computing Environment.

Migrating from a SAS Server coupled with a file system to LSAF was the opportunity for DNR’s Data Science department to integrate further their processes across Data Management, Statistical Programming and Statistics as well as gaining tighter controls over access and user management. Following go-live, DNR continued to improve their usage of LSAF, its integration with other systems and developed more utilities to optimise tasks and processes.

The implementation project was run over a period of one year (2018). This paper will elaborate on the implementation and migration strategy, benefits of moving to LSAF, lessons learned and next steps to develop further clinical systems at DNR.

When & Where

The PHUSE EU Connect 2019 conference will take place in Amsterdam on 10-13 November 2019.

Event Details

Date: 10-13 November 2019
Location: RAI Amsterdam
Website: PHUSE EU Connect 2019

PHUSE EU Connect 2019

Europaplein 24, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Netherlands


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